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Followed by Happiness


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Diamond Lady



12 ¼” x 11” x 14 ½” 

The figure “ Followed by Happiness” is a young female sitting in a tranquil position, fond of the moment she lives in. Her proportions are sharp, and the curves and twists of her body show the fine lines of an instance as if she could stand up any moment and start dancing with the butterflies that follow her. This piece highlights a daily occasion in life, reminding the viewer that all the little moments are just as important in a lifetime.

8 ½” x 17” x 11” 


This piece shows the very proportionate and beautiful inside body of a lady carved with glistening golden diamonds. This model symbolizes the outer and inner beauty without one being overlooked by the other, blending both values in a harmonious balance.


The figure “ Diamond Lady” is the artist's perception about how women, regardless of how they look, always have something in themselves to be proud of. Women are often seen by their silhouettes, however more often than not are self-conscious to reveal the importance of their true feelings, and how important they can be from the inside out. Women can shine like diamonds from the inside and always be proud of who they are, wherever they are.

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