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Open Minded

12 ¼” x 11” x 14 ½”

Nowadays, to be able to accept our path in life and understand others within their path, we need to be open-minded. The figure sits in a very relaxed position observing as life goes by. Most of the time we don’t agree with the same situations or opinions as with others. However, being open minded gives us the space to understand others and to confirm or change our own ideas and be more subjective to the environment. By being open minded we can learn so much and miss less of life. In conclusion: we only live once…enjoy, live, and learn from this moment!

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7 ½” x 5 ½” x 7” 

Giving is not just a word, it is a work in life. Giving is everyday from a space to a meal, from a thought to a hug. This lady with all of her beautiful clothes sits patiently giving from a basket the rice she has harvested to those who pass by her and are hungry. The uncooked rice can be transformed into a wonderful meal; it just depends on how the receiver cooks it. We should always give, but always be conscious of how much to give and leave it to others how to use that gift. 

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